Arnie Bennett

Dave Briscoe has developed a uncanny passion for coaching that is rarely seen. His ability to get to the core of a persons real needs for improvement is profound. I have personally witness Dave meet someone trying to learn something new and Dave was able to offer advice that instantly changed the abilities of that persons interest. 
Anyone wanting to employee Dave for themselves or others in a capacity of improving their skills, especially in water sports could not find a better instructor. Additionally Daves advice and coaching has improve so many even outside of the skillset they first employed him for. You will find your self in capable hands and will have a drastically improved skillset and a personally better understanding of how that can be used going forward. 
I have managed and coach hundred of employees and athletes and would give Dave the reins to advise and coach the most talented I have and the most in need of direction without hesitation. Undoubtedly my team would be better equipped to accomplish the tasks at hand. 

Arnie Bennett

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