Dan Miller

I have known Dave for over 20 years, first as a professional athlete representing Supra Boats, in the early days of wakeboarding (mid-90's), then as a wakeboard coach. 

Dave was a great rider himself, but he will be the first to admit he was not as natural as some athletes in that sport.  He had to work hard at it, and in doing so, he learned to break wakeboarding down into steps that anyone can learn.  Some athletes can go out and throw crazy tricks within the first couple of tries, but they cannot teach how to do the trick.  I have been in the boat with Dave as he coaches, and have experienced first hand how good of a coach he is.  He has a step by step process to progress from beginner levels to world class athlete.  As a former show skier, Dave's depth of knowledge extends way beyond wakeboarding, to all forms of water sports.  He can teach slalom skiing, jumping, barefooting, surfing, and just about anything else that you can tow behind a boat.  

In the early 2000's Dave offered to take his experience to customers on a rolling tour all over North America.  It was a pretty bold idea, but it worked.  Supra was one of his main sponsors, as Dave visited dozens of dealers, and taught hundreds of riders each season.  Dave did this tour for over 10 years.  Many of our dealers brought Dave back year after year, and the same customers often came back for more each year.  He was a one man show, and without Dave's hard work, dedication to the sport and sheer enthusiasm, the tour would not have been as successful as it was. 

Dave has a knack for relating to all generations, as he has a fun side that will make you laugh while you learn.  He also knows when to push and can lead an athlete to new tricks that they did not think possible. He coached me to my first backroll at the age of 39.  He also coached both of our boys when they were in their early teen's and though they now have careers, both of them still love the sport today.

Dave would be a great candidate for any water sports coaching situation, because of his depth of knowledge, his encouraging approach, and his ability to have fun on the water.  

Dan Miller

VP of Sales 

Skier's Choice, Inc

(Manufacturer of Supra and Moomba boats)

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