I have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for Mr. Dave Briscoe as relates to wake board instructions for my daughter (Lara) when she was thirteen years old.
First, some background on Lara. She was a competitive gymnast for 5 years with winning numerous
Medals in USGA sanctioned events. In her last year of competition, she won the Vault Event at the
Florida State Competition, however, a wrist injury (broken) prevented her from competing in future events.
As a family westarted looking for an activity that would take advantage of her gymnastic training
but not put severe pressure on her wrist. I knew of Dave through a relationship his oldest son had with my oldest daughter (Elise) and he married my Massage Therapist so I contacted him regarding
teaching Lara to Wake Board.
They bonded immediately during the dry land portion of instructions. He was both firm and gentle
in his approach and Lara was able to apply the dry land to water immediately. After about her third or fourth lesson she had a birthday party with 8 girlfriends. Dave called me and volunteered to teach all of the girl as a birthday gift to Lara and at no charge to me. The event was a big hit with girls of varying athletic ability. Several were able to get up the first time due to Dave's superb instructions and all of them liked him and did not feel intimidated.
Lara has decided to focus track for High School so we are not pursing Wake Boarding, however, if we did pursue it, Dave Briscoe would be our coach of choice We recommend him as the best coach for any age of skill level.



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