Mark Overbye

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dave in many capacities across several opportunities.   I could tell you he’s passionate and decimated but that’s too bland for Dave.   When we worked together for a yacht builder, Dave was a consummate trainer for dealers on how to be successful.   He frequently took extra time to travel to see owners, managers and sales teams to ensure they were equipped with the knowledge to be market leaders.   Often he was the one working hardest to create the right presentation.   No stranger to hard work, Dave saw no issue in all night drives to meet deadlines.  Dave’s work ethic is tops.

Yes, Dave can ride and he knows water sports like very few do, including other pros.  Most importantly, he knows the intricacies of what makes a pro and the steps required to master the sport, including all wake sports and skiing.  The ability to break down tricks and how to perform them is a skill Dave has demystified and has developed years of mastery.  There are many pros who can ride but very, very few who can lead other riders to high levels of performance.

Did you know Dave sings and plays the guitar?   Yes, his off water skills are impressive too!  Dave’s a character and it’s easy to develop a fondness for Dave beyond his coaching capabilities.   One of the things that stuck me about Dave years ago was a comment he made.   And this transcends water sports.   He said that, “If the student doesn’t get it, the teacher isn’t explaining it right.”   I haven’t forgotten it because it’s meaningful in so many ways.

There are coaches and there are professionals.   Dave’s a professional in countless ways, on and off the water.

Mark Overbye


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