Rick Grasman

It is my great pleasure to personally recommend Mr. Dave Briscoe of Winter Haven, Florida for the position of a personal trainer for wakeboarding, wake surfing, barefooting and water skiing. I can assure you that Dave is an outstanding teacher and coach of any and all watersports activities and will quickly become an asset to anybody he is training along with becoming a wonderful and enjoyable asset to any family. Dave will turn the coaching experience into great family event(s), training and more importantly memories to always remember.

My son (Derek Grasman) was hired by Mastercraft Boats at the young age of 12 years old to represent and compete nationally for Mastercraft boats as a professional wakeboarder. As Derek was somewhat at a disadvantage starting out (being from Michigan and not one of the typical Florida or California young men who trained year round), we wanted to be able to have him train with a “Top Tier” coach. We searched and asked for recommendations nationally and the name that repeatedly came up was “Dave Briscoe – The Wakeboard Coach”! Dave was known for bringing more amateur watersports athletes to professional level than any other coach and teaching them many life lessons along the way. Dave was able to coach my son to the #5 spot worldwide on the professional World Wakeboard Association and being the youngest competitor in the X-Games at the age of 15. Dave was always there, not only our son, but our family as well and he has become one of our family. Our son lived with Dave and traveled with him extensively and we always felt secure knowing Derek was with Dave and being watched over when we couldn’t be there. Many of my neighbors (from Michigan) have since sent their kids down to live and train with Dave and have always had a great experience. The crazy thing about Dave is he will soon become a part of your family and he just has a “knack to fit” with all ages from young to old and everyone in between. He will make coaching and training an over the top experience you will never forget!

I have absolutely no reservations giving Dave my highest recommendation for this position. I am confident he will become an invaluable addition to any position he is given. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding his character or teaching/coaching skills and abilities.

Rick Grasman

Grasman Investment Group

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