Wayne Floe

When my son Easton was 18 months old, I brought him from MN to Florida in January so he could learn to ski. Dave Briscoe was recommended to me and after a brief conversation I quickly decided that he was indeed the right coach. Dave knew exactly how to work with Easton and quickly had him accomplishing our goals! In preparation, Dave took his time to setup special skis and an apparatus to help Easton have a successful and enjoyable first of many experiences. Dave is not only a great coach but he is fun and witty which makes being around him more pleasurable. Not only does he possess a broad based skill set to give him a leg up and better understanding of how to approach the needs of those he coaches’, his personal determination and inspiration is an additional quality that keeps his students focused and motivated. Since we first met, Dave and I have stayed in touch, worked together and become closer friends. Also and just as important, my son still enjoys every opportunity he gets to have Coach Briscoe in the boat!

Wayne Floe


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